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4th Platform

Republic of Things

4th Platform


4th Platform is a full spectrum, revolutionary, open source IoT solution stack which enables innovation and participation.

RepublicofThings starts from the premise that a brilliant Internet of Things begins with the ease of its building. Usability very much drives the other key issues of openness, transparency, privacy, civil liberties, data effectiveness, social inclusion, mass commercial inclusion, national corporate competitiveness, sovereignty, and human benefit (all standards-driven).

We call this the 4th Platform. The 1st Platform was the mainframe. As a basic and proprietary model it could only perform arithmetic tasks within a closed environment. The 2nd Platform, PC-Server, offered openness as a possibility but in reality locked down under the marketing impetus of monolithic corporates. The 3rd Platform, the Cloud, has espoused a new sense of democratised possibilities but in fact has rapidly frozen down around existing proprietary monoliths, or simply created fresh lockdowns.

4th Platform seeks to obviate the fresh 'race to the bottom', which already strongly characterises IoT.

4th Platform provides an open, standards based Internet of Things development platform and fully formed IoT ecosystem. 4th Platform enables developers to build their IoT applications and services in a low risk manner and then scale throughout the product lifecycle.

By providing the entire IoT solution “stack” as a tightly integrated whole, with a transparent commercial model through a single interface, 4th Platform transforms the development of IoT solutions.


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