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Tracking and telemetry platform

m2m Germany GmbH

Tracking and telemetry platform


The owa11A platform is an optimized, fully featured, vehicle, asset tracking and telemetry unit.

Its design has been the result of the experience of Owasys with over 100.000 units on field during last 12
years. The owa11A is an ideal product for a wide range of applications as Transport & Logistics,
Security & Surveillance, Trailer Tracking, Insurance Rental, Caravans,etc....
The owa11A has been designed in a compact size with GPS (GLONASS) and GPRS internal antennas
focussed to simplyfy the installation. The large 1800mAh battery combined with the different sleep modes
provide the customer with a long time period of reporting on battery power.

Full-featured asset and vehicle tracking platform

o Fully configurable funtionality.
o OTA update capability for configuration and firmware.
o Quad band GSM/GPRS (integrated antennas).
o Optional HSPA+ module.
o Cell ID information provided.
o Nominal Range from 6 to 30V DC.
o Three power modes.
o High Capacity 1800 mAh integrated back-up battery.
o Internal 3-axis accelerometer .
o 2 I/Os each configurable as:
-> Digital Inputs
-> Digital Outputs open collector 100mA*
-> Analog Inputs, 2 Ranges 0-5V or 0-30V
*Factory option in I/O-0 for High side output 1A.
o Waterproof housing IP67.
o CE certified/ ROHS.
o Fully designed and manufactured in EU.

Improved M2M communication technology

MQTT based: lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol well suited to work in the mobile environment.

MQTT features:
o fast response and throughput.
o low battery and bandwidth usage.

MQTT is a perfect fit for use cases where:
o connectivity is intermittent.
o bandwidth is at a premium.
o an enterprise application needs to interact with one or more devices.
o devices need to send data fast and reliably without requiring code retry logic.

MQTT allows the deployment of devices to all environments, private and NAT-ed networks.


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