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WM Systems LLC



GPS-based solution for remote surveillance of people or vehicles, for map tracking, safety and security tasks.

GPS-based solution for remote surveillance of people or vehicles, for map tracking, safety and security tasks, home and remote supervision

Tracking solutions are aimed at monitoring people, vehicles, transports and packages for safety, security or work safety purposes. You can save money for your company with using our Tracking solutions.

Monitoring is carried out by means of a GPS tracker device, whose data are transferred through GPRS network (such as GPS co-ordinates, moving directions, state of moving (move, stops, speed of moving, etc.) and route (track lines of movement) as well as other parameters referring to location and movement and timestamps of events of course). All of these transferred information will be processed to a server operated by a remote supervising agency.

The solution also enables the users to send emergency signals (panic/S.O.S.) and to monitor further parameters (e.g.: fall detection). Besides, it can intermittently transmit the detected life signals as well.

It is also possible to transmit the incoming signals as alarms, and to integrate these into the system monitoring or surveillance center.

The transmitted data are stored in a database. Display and tracking is carried out on a map user interface on the server side for the dispatcher or surveillance team.


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