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XBee Cellular NB-IoT

Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

XBee Cellular NB-IoT


Cost-effective integrated cellular modem with extremely low power consumption and wide area

Atlantik Elektronik, provider of innovative semiconductor solutions, presents Digi`s first XBee Cellular NB-IoT modem, which will be a strong support for Smart Metering (Power, Water, Gas), Precision Agriculture as well as Smart Buliding Systems and Smart City applications. Furthermore the modem is also suitable for Environmental Monitoring Sensors, Oil/Gas Sensors and Digital Signage applications.

Digi International XBee Cellular NB-IoT Embedded Modems are integrated modules designed to provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate low-power, narrow-band cellular connectivity into their devices. The Digi XBee Cellular NB-IoT is a low-cost, low power wide area (LPWA) embedded cellular modem. These embedded modem modules are designed specifically to handle small amounts of data over existing cellular networks and are optimized for maximum battery life for more than 10 years.

The XBee Cellular NB-IoT modems are programmable, with support for custom MicroPython applications running directly onboard, allowing users to more efficiently manage their devices and eliminating the need for an external microcontroller in certain use-cases.

With dimensions of only 24.38mm x 32.94mm, the XBee Cellular NB-IoT modem also integrates the Digi TrustFence Security Framework which ensures more security. The first XBee Cellular NB-IoT modem is a part of an entire family. It operates in the NB-IoT frequency band 20 and is specified for the extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +80°C to fulfill typical industrial requirements.

Furthermore, the innovative module is form factor compatible with Digi´s unique XBee form factor to ensure a seamless migration path.

These Modules are part of a complete ecosystem of wireless modules, gateways, adapters, and software; allowing developers to drop them into their existing designs to instantly achieve cellular integration, without doing a complete re-design.

The XBee Cellular NB-IoT embedded modem and a comprehensive development kit are available now at Atlantik Elektronik. Also Atlantik Elektronik offers a wide portfolio of mobile network connections, mobile network antennas, and cloud services for simplified access as well as appropriate software design.


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