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Zubie, Inc.



Zubie is a connected car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for consumers and small businesses.

Zubie makes driving easier, safer and less expensive. Zubie includes a key that plugs easily into your car’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port and via the Zubie smartphone app delivers important car health, safety, and driving behavior information to you. With Zubie, you can improve driving skills, discover and prevent costly car problems, and keep loved ones safer on the road.
Easy self-installation
• Just Plug and Drive, No Bluetooth pairing required- the Zubie Key connects directly to the cloud via its embedded cellular connection
• The Zubie Key is compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 1996.
• Zubie comes with a prepaid 1 year of service.
• Works with iPhone/iPads running iOS 6+ and Android phones/tablets running 4.0+
Secure Location Sharing
• Zubie lets you track both vehicle and phone locations at all times with our always-connected technology- Great for teens, families, senior drivers
• Set up secure groups and see members’ locations on a map anytime
• Receive alerts when your car travels outside of an area you’ve set
• Know when loved ones arrive or leave favorites places (like school, home or work)
Save Money on Your Car
• Understand what the Check Engine Light means without having to visit the mechanic
• Monitor battery voltage levels
• Get repair tips and estimates
• Receive possible discounts for automotive service and repairs


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