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Atlantis Global Systems

Atlantis Global Systems

ATLANTIS GLOBAL SYSTEM, S.L. goal is to develop technology and integrate associated services for on-line vehicle fleets control

ATLANTIS GLOBAL SYSTEM, S.L. is a spanish private capital company. Our goal is to develop on-board technology and integrate associated services to attend logistic needs like planning, management and on-line vehicle fleets control.
Our engineering and software development departments are high qualified and experienced in the development of professional solutions for the transportation sector. We integrate in an efficient and easy way our telematic devices for measuring and positioning with our software applications for control, management and planning. Also it is very important for us the end user´s mobility.
AGS is the brand of our software solutions. These solutions are modular and scalable in order to cover from the basic needs of a small company to the more demanding needs of a big one.
Conecta+ telemetric devices are totally designed and manufactured in our facilities. Our digital thermograph Termotel Conecta+ is the first device of its kind approved by the European standard UNE-EN 12830, spanish standard UNE-EN 13486 and spanish Order ITC 3701/2006. Termotel Conecta+ is suited to be installed in vehicles for food transportation or in cold stores.
We offer flexibility to our customers, so our products can be used in combination with management customer´s applications (ERP, CRM) and with compatible devices from different manufacturers we collaborate with.
All our devices and solutions are designed, manufactured and developed for on-line support from our technical support service. Our methodology is very efficient. Less of the 3% of the installed devices have reported minimal problems.


  1. AGSTermotel Lite / Lite Mobile

    Application for configuration management and inspection of digital thermograph Conecta+ TERMOTEL

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    Conecta+ TERMOTEL digital thermograph for vehicles and cold stores subject to metrological control (food, medicaments..)

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  3. AGSConecta

    Basic needs for tracking, management, cold chain compilance and control for fleets

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  4. AGSConecta PRO

    Professional multilingual desktop application designed for fleet administration, management and advanced control

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  5. AGSTermotel PRO / Mobile

    Solution for centralized management of cold stores equipped with telematics digital thermograph Conecta+ Termotel

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