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Budiu Inc.

Budiu Inc.

Budiu Tech Smart Shoes for Children – a product of Beijing A&L Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing A&L Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and producing worldwide safety products. Our early products are mainly for children. Combining industrial electrics with fashionable and creative designs; we market, sell and deliver solutions to our users through new media outlets.
On July 29th, Beijing A&L Technology CO., Ltd. issued the world's first pair of smart GPS shoes – Budiu Tech Smart Shoes for Children. Safety is guaranteed by the shoes multiple functions: accurate location device, remote and real time monitoring, real-view map, emergency alarm, navigation system, tracking record, social network, etc. Not only tech savvy shoes but also fashionable and trendy!

Basically, our smart shoes' functions powered by two integrated ships, they are long-distance module (combined WIFI, GPS, LBS technology) and short-team module (Bluetooth 4.0 technology). The main long-distance function is you can track your kids via our APP whenever and wherever only if the chips is turn-on and there is at least one data source. Also, you can set a protective range, if your kids out of the preset place, you will get an immediate alarm.

The main short-distance function is you can set a range based on your location, if your kids out of your set range, e.g. 5meters, you smart phone will alert you.

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    Children smart shoes designer and manufacturer

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  •  Budiu Inc。

    Página web:: www.ebudiu.com

    Email: fei.chen@ebudiu.com

    Teléfono: (+86) 400-8747168

    2208 Edwards Ave

    South El Monte

    United States, CA 91733


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