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KUNAK (Green Wave Technologies SL)

KUNAK (Green Wave Technologies SL)

Kunak® designs and sells IoT/M2M products and services for ultra-long range, low power and difficult to access scenarios.

The ultra-low power consumption electronics, long range wireless communications and the cloud platform Kunak®Cloud, which enable sensors interoperability as well as information compatibility, make Kunak® the best in class system for companies that build and/or operate local, national and international infrastructure assets (water and sewage, pipelines, irrigation, condition monitoring, environment, design solutions or products for smart cities…) or companies with remote assets requiring monitoring and management.Kunak® offers a powerful system to easily deploy wireless M2M solutions, enabling the customer to focus solely on the final application, analysis and use of data. With Kunak®, any device or environment can be smart! You will have the ability to control any situation parameter or event.

Kunak® technology key characteristics are:

- Ultra-long range wireless communications in sub-GHz bands maintaining high noise immunity

- Plug&Play solutions for fast installation and minimum maintenance.

- 10+ years battery life thanks to ultra-low power consumption electronics.

- Powerful processing, sampling and parameterization of sensors and signals

- Compatibility with a majority of the most prestigious companies standard sensors, which allows you to select the most suitable sensor for your application.

- Bi-directional communications for remote management, configuration, control and usage of devices and sensors.

- Powerful cloud platform, Kunak®Cloud, for data visualization, downloading, remote management, customized alerts and reports, remote configurations, etc…

- Open APIs suite to extract data, interconnect and interact with other networks, software and systems (SCADAs, ERPs, control panels…)

- Optimized application protocol for wireless M2M and IoT solutions.

- Collaboration and customer support to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

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    Telefónica m2m Registered Partner

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    Fabricante de dispositivos IoT


    Integración y consultoría IoT


    Proveedor de servicios IoT

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    Electrónica de consumo






    Servicios y Smart Cities



    Asia y Pacífico






    Oriente Medio y Africa


    USA y Canadá



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