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Program definition
  • Our Principles


    › Accelerating m2m Business.  We build an ecosystem that enables interaction between partners and strengthens opportunity generation and materialization.

    › Promoting Specialization. The evolution of the m2m market depends on the specialization, and we support our Partners by complementing their solutions with our managed connectivity.

  • M2M Industry Players


    We consider three main pillars:

    › Device Value Added Resellers - DVAR: Companies that design and manufacture m2m devices and modules.

    › Value Added Reseller - VAR: they integrate the communications, the device and the software into a specialized solution for end customers.

    › Wholesalers: they aggregate the demand providing access to the service to small DVARs and VARs.

  • Partnership Categories


    We classify our partners according to their engagement level in the following categories:

    › Telefónica m2m Registered Partner: This is the entry level to the Programme, regardless of the type of m2m player and the Industry in which it operates. Registering allows a partner to acquire Telefónica m2m services through an Authorized Distributor or a Master Certified Partner. To access this category within the Programme it is not necessary to sign any contract with Telefónica.

    › Telefónica m2m Advanced Certified Partner: This category makes a perfect fit for those VARs and DVARs who wish to have a direct relationship with Telefónica without committing to large volumes of m2m connectivity.

    › Telefónica m2m Master Certified Partner: VARs and DVARs with large m2m connectivity needs join the Programme in this category.

    › Telefónica m2m Authorised Distributor: Those wholesalers who wish to access the registered Partners in the Programme are included in this category.

  • Rewarding Model


    Telefónica commits to ensuring identical conditions to all partners in each category without making any distinctions.

    The Programme establishes the Global Price List (GPL) as a reference of pricing in each country.

    On top of the GPL, the Programme applies the following rewarding model:

    › Contractual Discounts: according to the category signed by the Partner when joining the Programme.

    › Permanent incentives and promotions: they add to the Contractual Discounts, and the Partner must meet some requirements and register a deal in order to access them. The promotions are only temporary.

    › Customized Projects: For special projects, Telefónica offers the possibility to have tailor-made pricing.

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  • Tools for the Partner


    Our tools speed up the relationship between the Partner and Telefónica.

    They are only available through the Private area of the Partner Portal. Please Become a Partner to be able to access them.

    For more information, check out Our tools.


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