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Adrenaline™ Workshop

Logic PD, Inc.

Adrenaline™ Workshop


Logic PD has created the Adrenaline™ Series, a step-by-step solution for navigating the Internet of Things (IoT).

As many as 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, creating a significant opportunity for businesses. But how do you evolve your business to be a part of this growth?
The answer requires a transition in customer relationships from one-time sales to subscription services. This shift, however, is not trivial and requires you to deliver ongoing value by understanding new business models, your users, and emerging technology requirements.

To help, Logic PD has created the Adrenaline™ Series, a step-by-step solution for navigating the Internet of Things (IoT). The Adrenaline Series allows you to assess needs, pilot and test a solution, and deliver a proof of concept on how to deliver ongoing value to build a subscription economy.

Adrenaline Workshop
The IoT Adrenaline Workshop is an intensive, one-day, one-on-one event designed to help customers provide compelling answers to define the key criteria in development: user value, technical architecture, and business requirements.

The Adrenaline Workshop guides you through user, technology, and business requirements to identify the key aspects of a new opportunity. Logic PD has been a product design and development firm for over 50 years. We know what questions to ask and have the tools necessary to help you find the answers.

User specific workshop outcomes:
• Defined market segments
• Compelling value propositions
• Clear understanding of the path to market

Technology specific workshop outcomes:
• High-level system architecture
• Make vs. buy issues highlighted
• Key technical risk areas identified

Business specific workshop outcomes:
• Multiple scenarios based on different cost and pricing models
• Simulations based on different adoption rates and volumes
• Complete pro forma financial statements
Please contact Logic PD for Pricing and Terms & Conditions.


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