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Smart Energy - Home Automation


Smart Energy - Home Automation


Smart Energy is a device that provides a first home automation experience. Save energy undrstanding and manageing your consumption


Smart Energy is a device that provides a first home automation experience, automatically controlling the most important devices in the household. It saves energy by allowing the user to manage its resources in a more efficient way. Its home automation made simple.

Three main features to help you save:
o Temperature Sensor
o 4 ON/OFF Switches
o Electrical Current Sensor
• Create rules to automatically control and save energy
• Collect valuable data for better decision making
• Modular design. Expandable system.
• Portable device applications (smartphones, tablets, etc)
• Cellular/WiFi/Zigbee M2M connectivity
• Business logic and intelligence in the cloud. Create and Manage rules
• Allows third party Web APIs.
• Easy installation using no hubs. No network expertise needed.
• Responsive design.

Control Main units in your House or Shop
HVAC Systems
Gas & Electrical Boilers
Air Conditioning
Underfloor Electrical Heating
Water Pumps
Outdoor Lights
Indoor Lights
Any electrical ON/OFF device
Temperature & Electrical Sensors

Any electrician can hook up the system. No Networking expertise needed. Just power it up and you'll get it working from any tablet, smartphone or PC. Installation is done in the electrical switch board or at the point of use.


Smart Thermostat Save up to 40% off your energy bill. We can ensure you're only consuming energy that's really required. This means that your home isn't heated while you're not there, but you will always return to a warm home.

Smart Lights
Create rules to automatically turn them on at sundown and off at midnight. You can also set them up so they turn on when you are just a few miles away from home.

Smart Sprinklers
Smart means thinking ahead of time. If the weather forecast says it will rain, we can save the planet some water by skipping the programmed schedule.


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