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Tank Level Measuring - Pressure Sensor


Tank Level Measuring - Pressure Sensor


Remote measuring of tank levels for single and multiple tanks - pressure sensor with Google and Apple App plus web access

A pressure sensor is positioned in the bottom of the tank and it measures the pressure exerted by the column of liquid above it. The pressure sensor is connected via the cable to the iLevel Unit mounted on the tank.

Once the monitoring device has been installed on the tanks, iLevel receives the data and creates an individual iLevel Mobile App and Web Page for the customer. This enables the customer to check the level of their tanks from anywhere in the world, simply by accessing the iLevel mobile app on your mobile phone or via your secure login to the iLevel web site.

iLevel uses intuitive and easy to read symbols which informs the customer, at a glance, the actual level status of their storage tanks. The daily level of each tank is stored on the internet so that the customer can receive historical data for comparison purposes.

iLevel provides alerts via the customer’s phone or email informing them of any changes in the tank levels, immediately alerting the customer to any change which has been detected by the sensor. The alerts can be programmed to meet their specific requirements; level changes or time specific, ensuring that the customer only receive these alerts when they require them.

The iLevel system can prompt the customer to re-order the product or their supplier can also subscribe to this information, enabling them to monitor and replenish the tank’s contents.

The iLevel tank level system is a cost efficient solution for;
• Farms; Fuel, Liquid Fertilizer & LPG
• Fuel Suppliers
• Co Operatives & Buying Groups
• Building Sites
• Generators
• Commercial & Domestic storage tanks

The iLevel tank monitoring system will work on all regular shaped tanks, single or groups, above or below ground, metal or plastic construction, subject to site survey.

Download the iLevel app


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