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Universal Meter Reader


Universal Meter Reader


The Universal Meter Reader (UMR) system allows businesses and municipal agencies to read a number a different meters

The Universal Meter Reader (UMR) system allows businesses and municipal agencies to read many of the leading water, power and gas meters that broadcast consumption information on the 900Mhz ISM bands. MeshNet collects consumption data and transmits the data over one of many communication interfaces and is received by our meter management cloud platform service.

The Universal Meter Reader software radio currently reads Itron and Badger meters. UMR can dynamically switch which meter type to read. Support for reading other meter types is being developed. Configure MeshNet to send consumption data at any time interval.

Connect UMR to any internet connection using the optional external Ethernet connector. Connect directly to a router, a WiMax CPE or any other communications device that provides WAN access via an Ethernet connection.

Connect to the WAN network over WiFi when available. Also, Configure UMR over a web interface. (Software support for WiFi not yet available)

Build a network topology that allows many devices to share a single WAN connection via
900 MHz 802.15.4 mesh networking. The following encoding schemes are available:
• 40kbit – 1 mile between nodes
• 250kbit – ½ mile between nodes
2.4 GHz 802.15.4 is also available. (software support available in 2015)

GPS is available for maintaining accurate timing, recording device location and tracking UMR devices that may have been transported or installed to locations different than was planned.

Collect all your meter reads in the cloud. Access the data via a web portal or via RESTful APIs. Connect to the cloud platform via any of the connectivity option available. Tie the meter management system into
your existing billing and management system.

ClearConnex’s expert engineering staff can customize the UMR device and cloud
services to meet customer requirements.


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