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Wipro Assure Health

Wipro Technologies

Wipro Assure Health


A non-invasive remote health monitoring platform for affordable patient care through wearable sensors and mobility solutions

Wipro Assure Health is a non-invasive health monitoring platform that enables affordable patient care through a disruptive, next-gen, non-invasive wearable medical devices, advanced BAN based mobility, and ubiquitous cloud based clinical decision support system and innovative business models. The platform allows patients of cardiac and other chronic conditions to be monitored continuously in a step-down care environment in-hospital as well as remotely at home. Consequently, the platform allows early patient discharge and frees up limited and valuable hospital resources. At the same time, the platform ensures continuity of care by helping healthcare professional access patient specific details while on the move, and allowing patients to be continuously monitored.
Key Features:
• Non-invasive health monitoring platform
• Delivers inpatient (step-down care) and remote health monitoring solutions
• Each component in the flexible end-to-end platform is both scalable as well as modular to suite different business needs
• Enables innovative business models
• Affordable healthcare with timely detection, diagnosis -anytime, anywhere

Solution components:
• Medical Devices
• Non-obtrusive, wireless, medical grade devices
• Lightweight, Small and wearable form-factors rechargeable batteries
• Device Aggregator
• Mobile based gateway
• Connects to and integrates vital parameters from multiple medical devices
• Transfers Data to a cloud based support system
• Enables scale, reach and improved productivity, resulting increased net yield of the product
• Remote Monitoring Station (Dashboard Application)
• Administrative Application (Web-based Application)


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