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Anton Seissiger GmbH

Anton Seissiger GmbH

SUPERSIM.plus is a Roaming-m2m-Prepaid-SIM-Card, the perfect companion for all your IOT-solutions.

SUPERSIM.plus is a Roaming-m2m-Prepaid-SIM-Card, the perfect companion for all your IOT-solutions.
After quick and easy registration on SUPERSIM’s web-portal “my.supersim.plus”, your customers can instantly charge credit as needed to their account, using all popular payment-methods, like PayPal, Creditcard, Bank Transfer etc. That’s all there is to do to make the SIM-cards ready for the use with your IOT-application.
Each customer can have any quantity of SUPERSIM-cards, all pooled into just one account. You, as a provider of the IoT-Solution and as a SUPERSIM-partner, can preselect, which services (SMS, data, GPS) can be used by the SUPERSIM-cards assigned to your SUPERSIM-partner-account. This is your convenient short-track to connectivity for data-and location-based IoT-applications. All SIM-card-formats are available.
On the SUPERSIM-portal & -App, the customer can clearly overlook all transactions and can download receipts with your CI.
Furthermore, the entire portal can be integrated into your internal processes via an advanced REST-API and it can be controlled remotely, making data-storage very simple. There are also all kinds of evaluation-functions, for example on frequency of use, consumption and AI-based forecasts.

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    Telefónica m2m Advanced Certified Device Partner

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    m2m Devices Manufacturer

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    Consumer Electronics


    Retail & Commerce






    Hunting equipment retail

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