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Cleverlance Deutschland GmbH

Cleverlance Deutschland GmbH

Cleverlance is a Software- and Application-developing, testing and integrating company. Appr. 500 J2EE and .NET specialists.

We’ve been developing software for 17​ years, from tweaking existing systems to the comprehensive redesign and overhaul of entire systems in the financial, telecommunication and industrial sectors.

We use the tried and tested RUP and SCRUM methodologies to manage projects, and ITIL to configure processes and services.

Every company is unique. As a result, off-the-shelf products and tools don’t meet their needs. We can put together tailor-made solutions for you.

We know a lot about how to ensure the safety of your data. Security is one of the basic parameters of any solution we deliver. Experience has taught us that preventing problems from occurring is always cheaper than resolving them later.

Our IT security division is one of the strongest teams in this sphere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is a recognised security authority with hundreds of projects under its belt, a stable team of certified specialists, and a host of awards to its name.

We have an established methodology and top quality developmental capacities, and thanks to our specialists’ experience we can guarantee you both the price and delivery deadlines. We shoulder the project risk. Our aim is to create a unique solution that meets all of your needs and allows you to grow.

If you want to develop a solution that your employees and clients will look forward to using, then a run-of-the-mill analyst that simply summarises the information you feed it simply won’t suffice.

You need people who are going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in your business life. People who sympathise with your objectives and acquire the data necessary to create a superb solution.

As well as the standard testing of all software projects, we outsource comprehensive testing for entire companies such as mobile operators and banks. We have one of the largest teams of experienced QA specialists in the Czech Republic.


  1. Smart ad-on toothbrush

    Dongle-Attachment for any toothbrush manufacturers. Connectivity with smartphones in order to establish gamification and tracking

    more details 
  2. Panic button for seniors

    BLE-based buttons connected to the main communication hub.

    more details 
  3. Smart Trash

    Meeting the marketing stand and function of the waste bin, which in addition compresses its content at regular intervals.

    more details 
  4. TrackR Beacon & iBeacon

    Cleverbeacon device, adapted for indoor sales.

    more details 
  5. 360 robotic camera

    Autonomously moving camera that provides the VR images needed to be transferred to any VR platform currently available.

    more details 
  6. Water leak sensor

    A sensor that monitors the surroundings for the occurrence of water in its environment.

    more details 

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