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Digital Health Consultants Ltd (D Health)

Digital Health Consultants Ltd (D Health)

Consultants in digital health and operators of DHealth Catalyst consortium, delivering efficient healthcare through technology

The challenge to global healthcare systems is growing and digital healthcare is widely predicted to play a critical role in supporting the change to new and sustainable models. The adoption of digital healthcare is limited and commercial success is scarce. Clearly, there is a massive and unmet need; the market is broken. D Health has unique insight into the underlying cause of this dysfunction and as such, offers an invite-only service (the Catalyst) to accelerate market development, working with the leading players in this field across Western Europe.
D Health is drawing together a community of leading European players, committed to driving the growth of the digital healthcare market. Leading edge developers (Start-ups, SMEs and corporates), service providers (state and private), investors (debt and equity), pharma companies, high street retailers and supply chain organisations will form a highly interactive cohort. D Health will layer in a range of services to overcome the dysfunction in the current market and enhance interaction.
The D Health aims to accelerate the digital healthcare market by supporting the needs of the key market groups. Benefit is provided to individual organisations and dysfunction is replaced by a positive market dynamic.

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