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Eridanis knows how to take advantage of the expertise of the ecosystem to design the best solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the world as we know it. What science fiction had predicted would occur by the end of the 20th century, has now become possible and from this our daily life will improve. The automation of the recurring task evolves through the scientific learning of new behaviours thus smartly providing more convenience.

Electronic miniaturization and low telecommunication costs will have an impact on many industries. Eridanis proposes to support local authorities, companies and entrepreneurs in helping them decide what are the best solutions for each of their specific needs

Mobility has to be revisited beyond not only the individual transport means but also the large transport infrastructure
Traceability has become an essential in element in guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of human activities in everyday routine
IoT Logistics assists in determining which organizations are a real lever in operational performance and a reduction in environmental impact

Eridanis has three different activities:

Consultancy: Strategic support around connected objects
Operational: design and mobilize the technical realization of end-to-end solutions
Open Innovation: help emerging and developing products in partnership with its start-up ecosystem

Hence, Eridanis commits to support clients from formalizing concepts to building their IoT projects.
Facing the enormity of the coming opportunities and aiming at merging the digital and physical world, Eridanis offers to share the experience and expertise of its team and benefit from the knowledge of its 3000 engineers within its group.

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