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GPSTrackIt Deploys Affordable, Customizable GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Each Clent


Providing a full range of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions, GPSTrackIt.com helps thousands of fleet operations everyday improve performance.

Customizable for businesses, non-profits, and government services, GPSTrackIt offers tools to oversee and manage vehicle fleets, equipment, and assets in real-time, all the time, across 80% of the Earth.

Assets, equipment, vehicles and teams are networked into a single, powerful interface that marries web-based, fleet management software with state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices.

Advanced features include real-time monitoring, instant alerts, historical reports, and cloud-based information management:

-Cellular and Communications Satellite Coverage across 80% of the Earth helps managers track vehicles, equipment and teams in real time, all the time.

-Route Optimization generates dramatic fuel savings and greater scheduling efficiency.

-Driver Safety Alerts report in real-time seat-belt usage, speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and hard turns.

-Driver© Tablet integration and iPhone and Android smartphone apps facilitate communications across all operational channels.

-Hard-Wire and/or Plug-and-Play Devices work in any vehicle.

-Unlimited Data Storage on the Cloud enables precise record-keeping and analytics reports.

-Free Training, In-House Tech Support and Customer Service for Software and Hardware helps get GPSTrackIt up and running, and keep teams on the right track.


GPSTrackIt.com helps streamline fleet management, cut costs, increase earnings, and improve efficiency, all factors that contribute to operational success.

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