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Data Collection, Analytics and Visualization for Logistics in Unorganized Markets

LogiNext helps logistics companies to improve their internal operations, optimize delivery networks and provide superior customer service using data collection, advanced analytics and visualization. LogiNext currently serves medium and large scale enterprises in unorganized and emerging markets.

LogiNext brings real time tracking and high tech data visualization for the logistics industry. With best- in- market tracker and high tech data visualization solution, we aim to help logistics companies improve their day-to-day operations, provide superior customer service and optimize their delivery networks.

LogiNext Track-A-Pack utilizes Big Data Technologies for advanced logistics management. Visual data representation means better insights about moving assets, distribution networks, inventory of goods thus proving to be an advanced logistics solution. Our solution will aid the business process automation within the logistics industry. It frees you from the hassle of using complex and expensive technologies to analyze and optimize your logistics network and sorting and warehousing facilities.

Telefónica m2m Partners_


    Telefónica m2m Registered Partner

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    m2m Indepent Software Vendor

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    Transports & Automotive

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    Asia & Pacific




    USA & Canada

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