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Cashless Payment Systems and telemetry platforms for for unattended automatic machines (vending, carwash,laundry, etc.)

Founded in 2005, Nayax is a leading global provider of wireless cashless and telemetry platforms for the unattended market industry.

Our all-in-one system provides a comprehensive solution for vending machine operators from micro-transaction payment clearing to real-time machine monitoring and telemetry.

Nayax Technology is PCI-DSS certified and our secure payments system processes millions of micro transactions a month.

The technology is built on the EMV certified Nayax VPOS reader installed on the outside of the machine and the Nayax Remote Secure Terminal installed on the inside. The machines maintain constant contact with the Nayax Central Server through which payments are processed, data is stored and the convenient back office applications are powered.

Nayax solutions offer machine operators a competitive advantage when applying for tenders in preferential & high-traffic locations such as Airports, bus terminals, hospitals, universities and more...

The Nayax closed-environment solution enables machine operators to offer businesses, factories and other institutions the ability to let employees use their ID cards to make purchases and to monitor machine activities on their premises.

The Nayax platform provides powerful management tools for vending operators of all sizes, from one machine to thousands, so that they can increase efficiency on all levels and lower operational costs. From re-stocking agents all the way to senior management, the Nayax platform streamlines tasks and helps coordinate the interaction between the various departments resulting in increased efficiency on all levels and lower operational costs. Real-time reports provide managers with the data and information needed for better decisions and more accurate forecasting.

Nayax customers include high profile operators and institutions in over 40 countries scattered across six continents.

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