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Telefónica announces today the launch of the first platform that integrates IoT communications and metering infrastructure management. Through the integration of IoT managed connectivity with smart meters, utilities and network operators will improve their monitoring and supervision capabilities, while reducing the operational costs of their network and metering infrastructure.

As the deployment of smart metering accelerates globally, there is an increasing demand for solutions to address the significant challenges of managing a high volume of devices, establishing the foundations for the Smart Grid, while also complying with regulation requirements.

To help utilities comply with these challenges, Telefónica has developed the first integrated solution covering both communications and utility operations to enhance smart metering deployments. The Connected Metering Platform simplifies utilities’ operational processes by automating the management of meter-related communications, and by exploiting operational data from a business point of view. 

The main benefits of the Connected Metering Platform are: reduced operating costs, service level improvement, independence from meter and communications hardware vendors, compliance with security policies, and the ability to adapt to utilities’ operations and business process. In addition, Telefonica offers its customers the flexibility to integrate the Connected Metering Platform with different access technologies, hardware vendors and back-end systems.

The Connected Metering Platform is built on top of Telefónica’s IoT technology and assets, and has been designed in a modular, flexible and scalable manner, enabling utilities to unleash more value from their existing or planned smart metering investments.

“Smart meters are a first step towards the smart grid of the future which will transform the provision of utility services,” said Carlos Morales, Director of IoT and Cloud at Telefónica Digital. “With our Connected Metering Platform we have listened to the needs of utilities companies and created a flexible, scalable and integrated service to support their smart meter deployments.”

With the launch of the Connected Metering Platform, Telefonica is committed to supporting the overall efficiency of the electric, gas and water industries, enabling utilities to deliver advanced metering solutions over a common, reliable and secure communications infrastructure.


About Telefónica Digital

Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica. Its mission is to seize the opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for Telefónica through research & development, venture capital, global partnerships and digital services such as cloud computing, mobile advertising, IoT and eHealth. It is also driving innovation in over the top communications under a new umbrella brand called TU and in Big Data through Telefónica Dynamic Insights.

Telefónica Digital will deliver these new products and services to Telefónica's 311 million customers as well as entering new markets. It is headquartered in London with regional centres in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Tel Aviv. Jajah, Terra, Tokbox, Media Networks Latin America, 48 and giffgaff are all managed under the Telefónica Digital umbrella.

To sign up for news alerts and read commentary on Telefónica Digital, visit www.telefonica.com/digitalhub and track them on Twitter @tefdigital

For more information about IoT business, visit IoT.telefonica.com or follow on Twitter at @IoTtelefonica


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