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Berlin, 24th  August 2012.- In conjunction with ArduinoTelefónica is presenting a new version of the Arduino GSM/GPRS Shield project at the Campus Party in Berlin. The project added a GPRS/GSM connection to a free hardware motherboard, thus originating a low cost device which is connected through Telefónica's IoT (machine to machine) technology and offers a whole raft of possibilities for simple and cost-effective advancement of the so-called internet of things.


This Shield, which marks a further development in the initiative presented at Valencia's Campus Party 2011, brings in notable new features. The hardware and associated software have improved both in terms of their usability and their capacities. The libraries are smaller and additionally allow ‘asynchronous’ use, meaning that Arduino is freed up to perform other tasks while the shield is communicating. Moreover, Arduino users using the shield can sign up to a communication service provided by Telefónica through which they can manage their Arduino remotely from the BlueVia website (BlueVia is Telefónica's global API program). The service includes its own Telefónica IoT SIM cards, which will allow access to it from EU countries, the USA and almost the whole of South America.


All these new advances can greatly benefit developers as they allow them to go on developing IoT communication applications in a straightforward and cost-effective manner. Arduino is at present the hardware of choice for producing prototypes of future systems. It is often used in making the initial versions of new products and prototypes as a prelude to making the required final hardware in miniature.


During the Campus Party in Berlin, Telefónica R&D and Arduino will present the new product at meetings and workshops on 24th  and 25th  August, where those present will be able to work directly using their own shields.


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