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It is the first initiative in Spain to systemize the collection of domestic oil, in a simple and comfortable way for the user, using intelligent containers


Madrid, July 21th.- Biouniversal, a Spanish company engaged in the collection and subsequent recycling of urban oily bio-waste, has started a pioneering initiative in the recycling of oil used domestically through smart containers equipped with Telefónica IoT (Machine to Machine). This solution, unique in the world, systemizes the collection of this kind of residues. Implementation has begun in Cadiz, where the first 200 containers have been installed. The objective is to reach all Spanish towns of more than 50,000 inhabitants in 3 years and extend the procedure in the future to other European countries.  


Biouniversal will deliver for free to their homes, by request, a small container and a set of five bags of two litres capacity. In this way, the user can start collecting the oil used in these bags, which he will then deposit in one of the special containers. Containers will be located at a maximum distance of 400 metres, so customers will always find a container near their home. The container has capacity for 450 litres, and when is full, a tank truck, specially designed for this purpose, silently draws the oil in only 3 minutes. This comfortable procedure promotes and facilitates recycling, contributing to minimize the spillage into clean waters of domestic oil, one of the most contaminating and harmful products for the environment. 


For this solution to be viable, the collaboration of Telefónica has been key. Telefónica has equipped the containers with IoT services which are indispensable for the optimum management of this system because the process of oil collection is more complex than with other common domestic waste and requires special technological characteristics for its conservation and management. 


These smart containers, through a SIM card, send a signal via SMS to the control centre with the identifying code and all the data about the container to inform and give a precise follow-up. This procedure avoids trips to check the status of the container. The IoT services of Telefónica also provide information on the volume of oil held by the container and has the backing of a security system which sends an alert if any unexpected situation arises such as damage to the container, robbery, knocking over, etc. 


IoT services from Telefónica


The IoT services from Telefónica are based on the exchange of information between two machines, through a mobile o landline network, without human intervention, and are able to automate and computerize the procedures, reducing costs and making them much more efficient. The “Machine to Machine” communication solutions allow, for example, the reading of light or water meters or control of a patient´s heart rate, all from a distance and without human intervention. The implementation of these kinds of solutions enables the development of new services of added value and optimizes the costs of already existing industrial processes, therefore it is estimated that the growth in the number of connected devices will increase between five and ten times in the next few years. 


What entails domestic oil recycling?


Currently, 1,100 million litres of oil are consumed in Spanish homes, producing annually 230 million litres of  bio-waste which massively contaminates our clean waters. 1 litre of used oil contaminates 1,000 litres of water, making it one of the most contaminating and harmful products for the environment. Additionally, oil blocks collectors are breeding ground for harmful bacteria and have an estimated financial impact of 750 million Euros for citizens only in cleaning costs, not including the costs of public purifying plants. These facts illustrate how important it is for our society and for the Environment to avoid the uncontrolled spillage of domestic oil and to recycle it. 


As well as avoiding contamination, by recycling the oil, an optimum use of bio-waste is achieved, which becomes, through an industrial process, an excellent raw material essential for the production of latest generation biofuels, without disregarding other energy uses for them such as the production of electricity, or pharmaceutical or cosmetic uses.


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