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Telefónica has announced that its Smart IoT Solution, the machine-to-machine (IoT) in-house developed management system, is now also available in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, providing clients in these regions with the power to connect, manage and control machine-to machine communications with local SIM cards in a very flexible and secure way.


A huge growth of connected devices is expected, according to GSMA, from 1.3 billons devices today up to 20 billion objects connected by 2020. This continuous growth will not only generate substantial economic benefits, but also will open up the possibility of improving society’s resources and time efficiency. There is a huge variety of connected machines serving different proposes: energy meters, vehicles, buildings, etc. Most of them, provided with an IoT connection that has to be managed and controlled.


Telefónica, named one of the Top tier 4 of global IoT service providers by industry analists, wants to offer its clients the very best IoT solutions, taking advantage of its global scale and leading communications network; and the roll outs of the Smart IoT solution in Argentina, Chile and Mexico are proof of this strategy.


Telefónica’s Smart IoT Solution incorporates unique advanced features such as real-time monitoring of traffic type, volume and current consumption, technical supervision of lines (maps of connected devices, advanced diagnostics) and localisation. It also offers innovative fraud detection functionalities, including the ability to restrict communications between a list of given devices and the option to establish traffic caps. These kinds of services and solutions have both a positive and direct impact on local business processes, improving their performance.


“The launch of the global Smart IoT solution in Argentina is not only key for our customers’ services offering, but also a strategic important step from the local business development point of view. Our customers are increasingly demanding solutions for managing its IoT communications as well as simplifying complex deployments, and this announcement position us a key and relevant partner for all of them”, says Hernán la Rosa, Head of Mobile Products Development in Argentina.


On his side, Carlos Loyola Head of Marketing for large business of Telefónica Chile has commented: “Chile is becoming an innovation referent in the region at the same time that more companies are developing projects with us. The possibility of expanding the Telefonica Smart


IoT Solution to our country, with local SIMs and regional support, back this innovation DNA up and allow us to still continue offering to our customers a real value in our services offer.”


Regarding Mexico, María Ángeles Callejo, Marketing & New Digital Services Associate Director of Telefonica Mexico explained: “The launch of Smart IoT in Mexico is a huge leap in terms of local business to meet the needs that our customers demand in IoT solutions. It will be also important to strengthen our position in one of the most important markets in the continent as a company that offers solutions with added value and truly believes in innovation”.


“Telefónica is aware of the potential of IoT technologies in the support of local business development. With this in mind, we have matched our technical expertise with our local knowledge to offer our customers from Argentina and Chile a flexible platform that provides them with useful tools, giving them a precise view of their business processes. This means increased efficiency and therefore an enhanced performance of their operations”, says Carlos Morales, Director of IoT at Telefónica Digital.


This management platform was launched in Spain and Brazil last January. With these two new locations, Telefónica continues to deploy its solution, aimed at providing local and regional customers with a service adapted to their needs: support in their local language and local SIM cards over a locally maintained network, with no need for permanent roaming. Furthermore, Smart IoT is an in-house product, developed by Telefónica’s R&D in collaboration with Ericsson – which brings a unique combination of innovation competencies and great user experience with deep network capabilities and knowledge.  This gives the company the flexibility to further adapt the platform and add new functionalities as required.


For more information please visit our webpage IoT.telefonica.com.


About Telefónica Digital


Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica. Its mission is to seize the opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for Telefónica through research & development, venture capital, global partnerships and digital services such as cloud computing, security services, mobile advertising, IoT and eHealth. It is also driving innovation in over the top communications under a new umbrella brand called TU and in Big Data through Telefónica Dynamic Insights. Telefónica Digital will deliver these new products and services to Telefónica's 316 million customers as well as entering new markets. It is headquartered in London with regional centres in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Tel Aviv. Jajah, TokBox, Terra, Media Networks Latin America, 48 and giffgaff are all managed under the Telefónica Digital umbrella.


To sign up for news alerts and read commentary on Telefónica Digital, visit www.telefonica.com/digitalhub and track them on Twitter @tefdigital


For more information about Telefonica's IoT business, visit IoT.telefonica.com or follow on Twitter at @IoTtelefonica and Linkedin.


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