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Telefónica launched its second Connected Car Industry report, which explores the attitudes of drivers towards car connectivity, with insight from industry experts. Some of the key findings of the study were:

  • There is sufficient global demand for connected car services, with 71% of drivers surveyed saying that they are interested in using, or are already using, connected car services.
  • 80% of consumers expect the connected car of the future to provide the same connected experience they are used to at home, at work and on the move via their mobile phone.
  • There is a clear consensus about the three features most in demand: increased safety, early warning systems and smarter navigation. 73% of respondents chose safety and diagnostics features as the most important. Usage-based insurance models are also very popular, with 54% of UK drivers choosing it one of the connected car features they would be most interested in.
  • On average 35% of drivers expect not to own their own car by 2034, and instead predict they will be using alternative options such as car sharing services.
  • According to 60% of respondents, the dashboard is the preferred way for accessing connected services, particularly for safety, navigation and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Drivers in different countries will prefer to pay for connected services in different ways. Most Spanish drivers would prefer a one-off payment (49%) while those in America, Germany and the UK prefer basic connectivity with the option to choose additional services. Brazilians are split between the latter and a full-on PAYG model, suggesting a degree of flexibility not seen in other countries.
  • Telefónica’s report includes quotes and insight from seven industry experts, including John Ellis, Global Technologist and Head of the Ford Developer Program, Ford Motor Company; Ian Digman, General Manager, Nissan; Henry Bzeih, Chief Technology Strategist, Kia Motors and Greg Ross, Director of Product Strategy and Infotainment, GM.


To read the full news click here.


The full report, with all the findings and the experts’ insights can be downloaded here.



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